Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a filmmaker and have questions about our model? Hopefully they are answered here but if they are not please feel free to send us a note and ask us anything not covered.

We would love to but your project must meet our minimum requirements as follows:

  • Must be feature length with a minimum TRT of 70 minutes.

  • Must be a high quality film - look on the site for comparisons.

  • Must be Clear and free of all encumbrances - make sure all of your actor deals, synch licensing, etc are in place.

  • Must be able to complete the list of deliverables (see below).

  • It can not have existed on any VOD platform including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, etc. There are exceptions for limited regional or foreign VOD runs but those will have to be investigated and determined prior to an agreement.

There are actually a number of possible explanations for this. We will list a few possibilities below:

  • By special request - the theater may have asked for that specific feature.

  • Because the roll-out cycle of the film might not have reached that particular venue as of yet.

  • Must be Clear and free of all encumbrances - make sure all of your actor deals, synch licensing, etc are in place.

  • Must be able to complete the list of deliverables (see below).

  • You can send us a note with how to reach you via our contact page. 

Thanks for asking that. There are so many ways that we are different, let's explore a few.

  • We work specifically with independent filmmakers and independent theaters. General Distributors focus on blockbusters.

  • We market regionally or locally, not nationally. General distributors will market nationally to make a first weekend impact. We are more concerned about the slow burn that allows us to create a more grassroots marketing approach.

  • Our marketing is event based. When we open a feature at a venue we always recommend letting Nova Vento work with the theater on creating an event. These events get the dialogue going about the movie which tends to carry over into the week, bringing more people to the theater.

  • We focus on the indie crowd not general audiences.

  • We make indepenedent films too so we understand where everyone is coming from. It's a tough road. The filmmakers have a hard time getting their films to distributors and theaters have a difficult time vetting independent films. So we do that work for everyone on both sides.

We are not accepting short films as of October 2020, however we would like to begin offering a short films block to theaters in 2021 so short film submissions will be welcome starting in November of 2020.

Yes, we will accept feature length documentaries. Obviously documentary films must adhere to the same guidelines as narrative features in regards to time, clearances, etc.

Good question. You've worked hard on your movie (don't let anyone ever try to tell you otherwise) and you want to make sure that you are going to be in good hands. We understand that, so let's get down to brass tacks.

  • Nova Vento only requests US Theatrical distribution rights.

  • We are not currently distributing for VOD.

  • We are not currently offering distribution in theaters in countries outside the United States.

  • Terms are typically 1 year with a performance clause after 6 months. If the film isn't performing then either side can dissolve the remainder of the term based on the details int he contract.

Not at all. As a matter of fact we see it as a huge bonus. What festivals were you accepted into? What awards did you receive? Were there any special events that you were a part of?

In special circumstances a film festival can hurt your chances. For example, you are part of a film festival that puts all of their entries online for free. This would viloate our basic requirements.

It jsut depends on how we can pitch it to theaters and in what classification it falls into. Currently we have three different film tracks.

  • Indie Film Block: Our indie film block is sent to theaters every 2-3 months and contains 4-6 movies. These are usually run on Art House Nights or as a part of events. These usually include films with significant subtitles, true indie films, shorts blocks, and documentaries.

  • Faith Based Films: We distribute on faith based film every other month.

  • General Release: These tend to be movies geared and marketed towards a general audience. These also typically show in more theaters than the other tracks.

  • Then please feel free to send us a note via the Contact page or email us at info (at) and ask whatever you like. Our response time depends upon how busy we are at the moment.

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