Exhibitor - FAQ

While our exhibitors love our model, they do often have questions about how or why we do certain things. We love talking to our exhibitors!

All of our exhibitors are assigned an agent (Exhibitor Success Agent). This agent will keep you up to date, arrange events for your venues, work through issues and keep you aprissed of anything else you might need to know. when you sign up with Nova Vento you will be assigned an agent. While this may change over time, we will make sure that the level of service is top notch.

We developed our model with both Exibitohrs and filmmakers in mind. Filmmakers and Theater owners are not on opposite sides of the moat in a battle of tug of war, they have both typically sat in the mud while distributors pulled on both sides of the rope telling the filmmakers and exhibitors to blame each other for their problems.

All that we have done is to figure out what each part of the machine needs to work. Filmmakers are one gear, Exhibitors are the other and we are the grease that keeps it all moving.

We find the movies, market them and get them seen in the right venues. Our concern is to find high quality films that have an appeal to movie goers. While a Halloween movie might trade flash for fun, a period piece should be beautifully shot and acted to perfection. All movies are vetted through our process and approved by multiple team members, including some theater owners, before becoming a part of our distribution process.

Thanks for asking that. There are so many ways that we are different, let's explore a few.

  • We work specifically with independent filmmakers and independent theaters. General Distributors focus on blockbusters.

  • We market regionally or locally, not nationally. General distributors will market nationally to make a first weekend impact. We are more concerned about the slow burn that allows us to create a more grassroots marketing approach.

  • Our marketing is event based. When we open a feature at a venue we always recommend letting Nova Vento work with the theater on creating an event. These events get the dialogue going about the movie which tends to carry over into the week, bringing more people to the theater.

  • We focus on the indie crowd not general audiences.

  • We make indepenedent films too so we understand where everyone is coming from. It's a tough road. The filmmakers have a hard time getting their films to distributors and theaters have a difficult time vetting independent films. So we do that work for everyone on both sides.

At the moment we are releasing 2 blocks per month with a 6 month potential screening time. So every month we release two now features that you can use for at least six months but up to a year in some cases (depending on when you come into the program and the performance of thise blocks).

At the moment we are only releasing narrative features but that will exand to occaisonal shorts blocks, documentaries, films series, etc as we escalate to four blocks sometime in early 2021.

The simple split is 50/50. The more complete answer: Gross ticket split: Theater 50% / Nova Vento 25% / Filmmakers 25%

We provide a marketing package and event planning. The package includes also, included in our fee is event planning services. That is, for the opening of each film we prefer to base it around an event such as having a QandA with filmmakers or a person who is a specialist in the area that the film is based on such as a medical examiner, lawyer, etc. Your agent will work with you to determine the best type of events for your venue.

The marketing package will be sent to you approximately 3 weeks prior to release of the feature. The marketing package includes branded information including links to trailers, interviews, behind the scenes information (when available) and it also includes social media elements that are plug and play. For example: This is the message to post on Facebook and Instagram 2 weeks before the release at your theater, This is the message to post one day before the release at your theater, etc. In addition, we will be buying social media ad spots directed at customers in the independent film viewing demographic in your area.

We also process the submitted films thoroughly to make sure that they follow our strict guidelines:

  • Must be a high-quality movie – Good picture, good sound, good story

  • Must be clear and free of all encumbrances (music, deal memos, debts, etc.)

  • We accept no films that have appeared in whole online either for free or as paid VOD

  • This split also allows us access to high quality films by great independent filmmakers such that they can continue to create beautiful stories that should be shown in a theater and not on a TV screen.

No, these are based around localized marketing and local events. Larger distributors rollout nationally to capitalize on the ‘hit big and run’ potential of a national campaign. Independent film goers are a different audience. In addition, this allows theater owners more flexibility in when they show it. For example, the feature could open in September in Colorado, and in November in Utah, but still receive the same level of support and marketing.

However, if you would like to expand marketing for a specific release, additional services are available at an additional charge.

Unlike a general distributor we do not require show dates, or even show times, to be concurrent. You know your customers better than we do and if you think the movie is best served showing for three weeks in one theater at 9 PM only then great. If feel is it best shown every Wednesday for two months then great. We only ask that you do not debut the films until we work with you on the rollout for each film.

Then please feel free to send us a note via the Contact page or email us at info (at) and ask whatever you like. Our response time depends upon how busy we are at the moment.

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